Yep that’s right! Today the topic is boundaries! What is it that causes us to lose it?? A violation of our boundaries!! Sometimes we give in and give in until we reach a maximum level of tolerance and then we blow our stack! Poof! Off it goes and blood and guts are everywhere! How do we maintain healthy boundaries and still keep our friends? How do we express ourselves without hurting the other? Well after some personal experiences that I have been though of the past few days, this is what I have discovered.

1) You cannot accurately convey your thoughts in a text. There are too many opportunities for misunderstandings, confusion and pain.

2) You have to talk about your feelings. Just stating facts or thoughts is not enough. Feelings is what everyone can relate to. So open up. Share. Be real and honest.

3) Speak up when you feel something. Don’t just push those feeling down or away. Express them! They don’t go away and they will just fester more. So might as well deal with them sooner rather then later.

Boundaries are important! Respect them and they will respect you!