Welcome to the Dolphin Touch
An introduction to the Dolphin Touch Wellness Center by; founder Jeanne Russell.
Experience the Dolphin Touch
View all the services and benefits provided through the Dolphin Touch Wellness Center.
Father Joshua Visits DTWC
A free talk about Psychic Surgery, hosted by Dolphin Touch Wellness Center in May 2012
An overview of Kauai Hawaii
Visiting the island soon? Explore the beauty of the Garden Isle.
Surrounded by Dolphins-Kauai
Discover the many peaceful, playful and intelligent behaviors of the Dolphins, right here on Kauai, Hawaii

Whale Whaching-Kauai, Hawaii
Watch the whales off the coast of Kauai, So amazing! 

Stories of Transformation
There are so many amazing Transformational stories that happen here at the center every week and I just wanted to share them with you from the people that have experienced them.
Lemuria Rising
Dolphin Touch Wellness and Retreat Center is a Place Of Healing, Transformation and Illumination! Located in the heart of Kapaa town on the island of Kauai, Hawaii.

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Yoga Nidra Mediation CDs available on this website.

Chakra Readings and Spiritual Teacher


Rustic Accommodation in Kapaa and links to Kauai resources
www. treadlightlykauai.com-

Information about Kauai

Kauai Ocean Report


Read about Jeanne’s master thesis article published in Zoo Biology on two Beluga calves born in captivity entitled: Nursing Behaviors of Beluga Calves (Delphinapterus leucas) Born in Captivity