How do we connect with the dolphins? On the etheric, the dolphins want to connect with all of us. They are the angels of the sea. They are here to serve humanity. The first step to connect with the dolphins is through your heart chakra. Open your heart chakra to receive the love and light the dolphins want to share with you.

Here are three ways to open your heart chakra:

1) Connect with a happy memory. Is there some event in your life that stands out above others? Some memory that when you think of it, immediately brings a smile to your face? For me, the first time I was able to hold my daughter in my arms was so powerful! I had been carrying her around for nine months, loving this unseen thing in my belly and now I got to hold her! Breast feeding her just took our connection to a whole new level. Just thinking of that moment makes me smile and opens my heart. What memory can you use to open your heart. It’s good to have it in your pocket to take out whenever the need arises.

2) Allow nature to open your heart. Take a walk in a park or garden or a beach. Feel the mana (energy) that nature has to give you. Let Mother Earth refill your cup. There are many times on my retreats that I take people into nature and they are so quick to get the destination that they miss the beauty along the way. Often I am pointing out the hidden flower under a bush or the cardinal singing in the trees. Nature wants to talk with us, we just have to slow down to listen.

3) Be still. It is in the stillness that guidance comes. You cannot rush this connection. Quiet the mind and allow the heart to lead you. We are so used to being in our head to make decisions but your heart has intelligence also. It is in the pathway to stillness that opens the doorway to hearing the messages and teachings of the heart.