Dolphin Chakra Meditation




Dolphin Chakra Meditation:

Journey with the dolphins into your inner realm of being where spirit dwells, letting them unfold the light within and guide you to your joy. Open your heart and connect with the divine that lives within, allowing the dolphins to guide you in clearing, cleansing and releasing all that is keeping you from divine bliss.

Travel on this incredible experience through each of your chakras ‘till they shine with the golden light of the dolphins.

Jeanne Russell is a Teacher, Coach, Business Owner, Reiki Master and Channel for the Dolphin and Whale Consciousness. She Created the Dolphin Touch Wellness Center on Kauai Hawaii which is devoted to bringing fourth the healing vibration and connection of the dolphins. Her purpose is to help people have more joy and play in their lives, She does this by sharing her many healing techniques, co-creating with the dolphins, and facilitating a unique transformational experience.

Duration: 18:52 minutes.

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