So I was wanting to buy a new patio set for the center. I’ve been working on Feng Shui the center ever since Dena Marie came and taught a class here. It feels good to clean things up, get rid of the old and bring in the new! Since her class, I removed my oversized desk from the kitchen moved it to the gift shop area and placed notices and sign in sheets there.

Also I replaced an old desk and got a bookshelf that I now have sitting on it’s side with bins to hold my stuff. It looks neat and organized now and much less cluttered.

Last weekend we had our health fair and looking out at the patio furniture I noticed how mismatched it was. I had 2 chairs that we donated to me in a teal color. Another lounge chair that was forest green and a cushioned love seat that was striped black and beige.

It’s funny when you start a project in one space and then you look around you and now you are needing to do it in every space! Just a fair warning to any of you wanting to start a project like this. Ok on with our story..

So I got the idea to get a new patio set. Turing to the internet, I looked online at Pier 1, Walmart, Costco and the patio sets were $3,000 and up for the ones I liked the best. So I said to myself I don’t want to pay that! I want to pay at most $500 for a loveseat, two chairs and a table. I made my proclamation to the universe this is what I want! Then the voice in my head said- look at a Facebook page called Kauai Buy and Sell and I typed in patio furniture. Wahla the first post to pop up was a love seat with two chairs and a table for $160! I jumped on it asked if it was still available and quickly got a response that it was and I claimed it! Now mind you I will still want to buy new cushions so I figure that will bring my price up to $500 for the set!

So what are the takeaways from this?

1. Well for one thing, be clear on your intentions and things will manifest.

2. Set your intentions and let the universe do the rest.

3. We are more powerful than we realize !

I’d love to hear your feedback. Please leave your comments below.